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Being in the marketing business for over 16 years at GetResponse, we know exactly what it takes to promote your brand throughout the web.┬áConnect with your audience engage leads and get your story across As far as engagement and conversion go here is what we’ve found over the years.

Nothing beats WEBINARS That’s. Why were bringing you GETRESPONSE WEBINARS now available in your GetResponse account for more leads conversions and sales, plan and schedule, High-Converting webinar campaigns, Use the registration feature to collect new email addresses, Send an email, invites, and reminders with a just few clicks.

Share webinar recordings instantly via social media, Send automatic thank-you messages and drip campaigns to registrants, Use built-in tools to run interactive, webinars and conferences, YouTube integration to view videos Slide deck for presentations, Whiteboard for notes and drawings.
Desktop sharing for demos Polls and surveys for instant feedback, Chat for direct interaction with participants Once your webinar is finished track. Theresults with instant stats and detailed reports Monitor website visits, registrations, and attendance.
Generate webinar reports showing session details, attendee geo-data, and average engagement Lacking ideas for your first webinar.Live seminars and courses One-on-one coaching sessions, Free and paid workshops, Interactive training, Guest webinars Content releases, Product and service demos Sales presentations Using webinars. There are tons of great ways to connect with customers and prospects And that’s, not all With GetResponse webinars. You can perfect your marketing funnel, Add landing page surveys and autoresponders to engage your audience and convert them into customers. A complete marketing program managed in whole from one account

Find out how email, marketing, and webinars can work together for your brand’s success Available now at GetResponse.

Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium!
I use and recommend GetResponse.

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